Find Out What Our Patients Are Saying


We’d like to share with you just a sample of some of the unsolicited feedback we have received from our patients:

Quinn was concerned that her son would have another school year of ear infections during her pregnancy.  Check out her video and how Chiropractic helped her son and her stress.

Quinn and Everett

Chronic Ear Infections Better

“Chiropractic care has allowed me better perform my military duties in preparation for deployment to Iraq. I’m now better able to do activities I enjoy such as running.”

Shalene B.

Better Able to Do Activities

“I first met Dr. So with acute pain in my lower back. Over the course of treatment, I started observing a reduction in pain not only that, the chiropractic care I received from Dr. So made me get back to hiking and all other outdoor activities.”

Sri P.

Reduction in Pain

“Hi Dr. So, Thanks for keeping my neck, hips, back and all of the rest of me in tip top shape. I’ve felt so much better ever since coming to your office for adjustments.”

Lisa H.

Felt So Much Better

“I am so grateful to you for taking care of me and improving my health you are a great doctor and a wonderful person to know. I am very grateful to you forever.”

Annette S.

Great Doctor and Wonderful Person

“Matt So has given me outstanding support for my healing process. Thanks to him, the pain was minimal and my neck has healed properly from my car accident. His knowledge and expertise brought my neck and spine into tip-top shape and raised my overall energy level. Many thanks!”

Erin M.

Outstanding Support For My Healing Process

“Amazing, my neck feels so much better. The headaches are less! My back feels a lot better as well. I’m a gumby now! I feel like a person when I come here not just “another patient”. They know you by name and give a smile – makes all the difference.”


My Back Feels A Lot Better

“Highly Recommend”

“I’ve been suffering back pain, including a bizarre tweak in my lower back that made it impossible to lay down flat on a hard surface, for years. Seriously, it’s kind of sucked since that means that laying down in a park is out, as is lounging on a towel on the beach, hanging out poolside, fixing something while laying on the ground, play around with kids on the floor, or even laying on certain massage chairs. I’ve also gotten headaches for *years*, migraines since I was a little kid. I tend to keep all my tension in my neck, so that means that I get killer, mind-numbingly bad headaches rather frequently.

Dr. So got me all set up with an initial consultation and x-rays, and my first adjustment. It was quick and painless, if a weird experience after never having had an adjustment. However, I felt oddly better afterwards, and decided to keep giving it a try since my insurance covered it.

Fast forward a month of seeing Dr. So (initially around 4 times weekly, then 3, then 2) and the problems that have plagued me forever are fading. I literally once cried after having a doctor’s appointment with my old general practitioner, who basically told me that I was making the pain up (yeah, I never saw her again), and here, after a month of chiropractic, my headaches were easing up, my mid-back pain was pretty much gone, and for the first time in years, I could lay down on my back without immediately seizing up.

I was simultaneously thrilled at feeling so much better and also angry that none of my doctors had suggested this before.

Anyway, long story short – I had great, unexpected and realistic success with Dr. So, and after being out of town for a month, I’m feeling the effect of not having had adjustment.

I know I sound awfully cheery in this review but it’s hard not to be super enthusiastic about a place that helped to partially heal an issue in a month that physical therapy, massage and exercise couldn’t. I would highly recommend going there for anyone, especially anyone for whom traditional methods of healing haven’t worked.”

                      Tessa J.



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