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New Pediatric and Family Care Patients for $79

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  • Chiropractic Consultation

  • Neurological Stress Scans

  • X-rays (if necessary)

  • Doctor’s Report of Findings

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

Edmonds Family Chiropractic makes not only the medical aspects, but the personal aspects very pleasant. The front desk staff is very friendly and attentive. I usually go to Dr. Matt, who is very good, and who always leaves me laughing as I head out the door. Can’t say enough.
David Spring

April 30th 2020

Edmonds Family Chiropractic will not only take care of your whole family, but they will become part of your family. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I use chiropractic care twice a month and have not only found Dr. Matt So’s adjustments to be very helpful, but also his knowledge of the human body and willingness to advise on all things health related. He even on many occasions has shared helpful information via e-mail after discussions had during my appointments. Dr. Matt So and his staff really care about you and take your health seriously.
Erik Rosenkranz

March 18th 2017

My 15 month old got his 1st ear infection (in both ears!) leading up to Christmas. With the holidays upon us, I opted to get a bottle of Amoxicillin since offices would be closed. Well, he had an adverse reaction that caused him to be a nutty insomniac who could NOT settle down! After 3 days of very little sleep I made a desperate pop in to Dr. Matt and explained the situation. Without hesitation they had us back in a room and gently but effectively adjusted my son. Within 20 minutes we were home and he was down for a nap like normal!!!!

7 days later we went back in for re-check and his ears were so much better! Another gentle adjustment and his sleep is much improved and he was noticeably much healthier! We also kept with our normal routine of using essential oils and massaging around the ear. A practice that Dr. Matt supports! Thank you for being open to frantic moms who just want their babies healthy and to get some sleep!!
Christina Ball

January 8th 2019

New Pediatric and Family Care Patients for $79

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Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Matt has a B.S. in Biology from Queen’s University and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the founding school of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport. He graduated with honors and took over 400 hours of education outside of school in shoulder injuries, low back problems, athletes and multiple treatment techniques. He is also currently completing his Certification as a Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner. He is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), Webster-Technique Certified, a certified Birthfit! Professional and a part of the National Wellness Foundation.  Dr. Matt is also fluent in both English and Cantonese and has helped thousands of patients in his previous practice at Tuttle Chiropractic Clinic in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Matt first went to a chiropractor while in university and since that life-changing experience, his life and health have never been the same. Chiropractic has helped him resolve health problems that once plagued him and helps him live his life at his optimum everyday. Dr. Matt loves sports and the active lifestyle of the Northwest.  In his practice, he works with many active people, but his passion is working with families and their children. He has studied with some of the best pediatric chiropractors around the world and understands how to best work with moms, families and their kids.

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