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Chiropractic, babies and breastfeeding

      A great article on chiropractic helping babies with breastfeeding difficulty.  

Kiddos and Ear Infections

Our office has worked with many kids that have had ear infections and have helped many kids get rid of ear infections without drugs or surgeries. Here is a great article explaining how Chiropractic and other alternative methods can help with ear infections....

Nothing better than natural immunity for the FLU

I am sure most people have seen the articles and reports that the flu vaccine is ineffective but even when people get the vaccine they still get the flu. So why not...

Ear Infections – They suck but we can help!!!

I know as the seasons change a lot of our community’s kiddos have ear infection issues.  Chiropractic is the safest and one of the most effective ways to help with this condition.  Also, our office has a great success rate with helping kids take less...