Our Chiropractic Baby

It has been an amazing year with our own chiropractic baby. She has grown so fast and is healthier than we could ever imagine.  We are so blessed to have her and wish that we can bring the same health through Chiropractic to your family!



Gluten Free Diet Info

Hey congrats to those who have started our New Year’s challenge!!! Keep up the hard work! We wanted to post some additional info to help you out with why we chose Gluten free as a diet a part of our challenge.

Gluten Free Diet Info

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

At our clinic, we have helped many women through their pregnancies.  Dr. Denise is certified in Webster’s technique; a technique that has been showed to help women have easier pregnancies.  If you want more info on pregnancy and chiropractic check out this link from the ICPA,


Also let our office know if you need more info about pregnancy and chiropractic or if we can set you an appointment time.

Using Tylenol for your kids’ fever… Time to think again

Thinking about using Tylenol for your children’s fever or different health issue? You may want to check out, This American Life – Sept 20, 2013 http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/505/use-only-as-directed. To get a better understanding of how dangerous, acetaminophen, actually is. If this concerns you, and you are looking for a BETTER and way MORE Natural solution give our office a call.

Perscription drugs are actually dangerous???

Just some stats to consider when deciding on what to do about your health and your family’s health.

1. The average American takes 13 prescription medications per day and anything more than 3 causes side effects through the drug interactions.

2. 1.6 million people are hospitalized a year from the side effects of drugs.

3. Up to 160,000 will die from these side effects (Dangerous Drugs, 1992)

4. 4.02 billion drugs are being sold per year…that is prescriptions…not INDIVIDUAL pills!!!

If you are looking for a natural solution that is safe and highly effective for your children and yourself, such as Chiropractic, let us know we are more than willing to help.


Why do Kids’ see a Chiropractor? They don’t have back pain.

Our office sees a lot of kids’ and families to help with problems that people don’t associate with chiropractic. They come in for things that range from ear infections, colic to just growing with the best alignment possible because like a sapling if it starts off crooked, what kind of tree do you get?rooney

Crystal is moving on!!! But welcome Ana!!!

We are all sad that Crystal and her family are moving to Idaho to pursue a unique and amazing opportunity for her family, but please welcome Ana to our office.  Crystal will be around till the middle of June so please come by and say “Bye” to her.  We wish her and her family the best and will definitely miss her.  Ana will also be around so make sure you say “Hi,” she is originally from Alaska so she fits well in our clinic, since Dr. Matt is from the great white north and Raquel is from…. Well, Eastern Washington, which is almost like Canada and Alaska!

Natural Health info and where to look???

Two of my favorite resources for natural health information that I check all the time are:


A great resource for fitness, paleo diet and general overall natural health without DRUGS or Surgeries


One of my mentors, Dr. Fab Mancini and his radio show on Self-Healing. A lot of great info on Chiropractic and the possibilities of your body. Its also a radio show so you can just listen to it.


Looking for massage???? Here are our massage hours!

Raquel our awesome massage therapist has the following hours from week to week.  So please call ahead of time to get scheduled, like a week a head of time!!! She gets booked up really fast because she helps our patients heal faster in conjunction with Chiropractic.

Tuesday 8am, 915 am, 1030 am, 1145 am

Wednesday 230 pm, 345 pm, 500 pm, 615 pm

Friday 215 pm, 330 pm, 445 pm, 600 pm

Other hours may be available depending upon the week.




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